How To Create A Blog Page In WordPress Using Elementor


This Elementor tutorial covers how to produce a weblog in WordPress using Elementor, to be able to display your site posts anywhere on your website.

What Is Elementor?

Elementor is really a free, easy-to-use page builder for WordPress. It’s probably the most popular page builder available because it’s so effective and versatile.

Elementor is responsive, meaning it adapts to your browser window size. This will make it simple to use on any device, including cell phones or tablets. And every one of Elementor’s features interacts seamlessly across all devices: exactly the same elements can be found on every device with no work or effort from your stuff!

This causes it to be simpler a site if you choose to switch styles later on once a component is produced using Elementor (just like a contact page), all future sites may have which include instantly incorporated.


Create A Blog Page In WordPress Using Elementor

1. Add a new page

The Pages section is where you can create new posts for your site. Click Add New to get started creating a new page:

  • Title: Enter the name of your blog post. This will be displayed above the content on the page and as part of its URL (e.g.,
  • Body: Use this box to write an introduction or summary of what readers can expect from your blog post, then click Save & Publish when done writing!

2. Select the layout (I prefer one column)

The very first factor you need to decide on may be the layout of the weblog. You can buy one column, two posts, three posts, and so forth as many as twelve posts.

A 1 column layout allows readers to scan articles rapidly as there isn’t any distraction using their company elements around the page. Two, 3-4 column layouts are great for blogs with a lot of content that requires more focus than a single column allows.

Five posts ought to be restricted to special day posts for example roundups or interviews in which you know it’s important to include lots of images or any other elements to ensure that something interacts nicely.

3. Design your header

You can include a header image, text, menu, and social icons. For those who have a relevant video you need to use for the header background, simply upload your file within the editor and position it in which you wish it to show up on your website. You may also utilize our slider functionality by uploading custom images with every slide and adding them to your header.

4. Add a heading element

  • From the elements menu, select the Heading element.
  • Configure your heading element with a title and subtitle, if desired.
  • Add the element to your page by clicking “Add Element.”

5. Design and align the heading as you wish

Now, you are able to align the heading as you want. To do this, simply click the Align icon in the Elementor sidebar after which pick a position from Left, Center, or Right.

To create your heading, click the Design icon in the Elementor sidebar and choose a font style of your liking. You may also change its size by hitting the Font Size option after which select a suitable value.

The next thing would be to configure settings for example line height, spacing, and letter spacing for the heading text using the Text section under the Configuration tab in the Elementor Visual Editor window of Weblog editor or another element that supports Elementor Visual Editor’s features (for example Image).

You may even wish to save these settings for future use by clicking the Save button available right below the Configuration tab in the Visual Editor window of the Weblog editor or other element that supports Elementor’s features (for example Image).

Finally, exit this column by clicking the Close button found in the upper right corner of the column’s Visual Editor Window

6. Select and drag another element before the heading and this time select the Posts element from the elements list

  • Select and drag another element before the heading and this time select the Posts element from the elements list.
  • Configure it as you wish, we’re going to set up three posts per page, with a medium-size image, title, and text.
  • You can configure posts per page, image sizes, etc.

7. Configure it as you wish

You can configure posts per page, image sizes, etc. Then save and exit.

8. Save settings

Now that you’ve got produced your blog page, it’s time to allow it to be the primary page of the website. To get this done, visit Settings->Reading and choose “Set your site page as home page” after which click Save Changes.

Create A Blog Page In WordPress Using Elementor: Conclusion

When you wish to produce a full-screen weblog in WordPress, Elementor may be the easiest way for doing this. It’s not necessary for any coding understanding or any extra plugins to obtain began.

You just need your site login details and accessibility Elementor Page Builder editor. Within a few moments, you’ll have a beautiful weblog that fills the whole screen of visitors’ devices!

Empathy for web designers: what is it and how to develop it?

Empathy for web designers

Empathy for web designers: Empathy today is nearly an assurance of effective development without modifications and the development of a higher-quality and effective website or product. And often it’s the figuring out element in the amount of professionalism from the designer.

And when we all know that empathy is knowing the other party’s feelings, the opportunity to feel them and find out the issue and also the world through their eyes, then what’s empathy in web design?

What does empathy mean in the design field?

When speaking about Empathy for web designers, the word empathy was rarely used. However, you cannot do without them. Empathy in this region means a strategy that focuses whenever possible on users’ feelings concerning the product, their experience, and interaction results. As well as what difficulties the consumer faces to attain his goal: time spent, easy navigation, etc. Today, a lot of companies offering UI design services take this method.

Empathy for web designers

In the end, website design is less about design and delightful pics, but about how exactly you listen, think, and solve issues that you feel and see. Empathy enhances the consumer experience greatly by observing and analyzing his interaction using the product. Thus, you are able to enhance the Empathy for web designers if you’re able to empathize.

What can help to develop empathy?

#1. User Persona

Sure factor, the very first stage in development is really a conversation using the customer. But immediately after that, you’ll need to generate a precise user image – a collective image of merely one person in your audience basis.

Developing a user persona is the initial step to developing empathy inside your team. Simultaneously, as you may know, empathy contradicts analysis, causing them to be absolutely incompatible mental functions. And also, since a lot of a team’s jobs are analysis, Empathy for web designers diving into empathy could be a daunting task. But it’s much simpler to illustrate humanity when there’s a portrait, although not really a real person, but as close as you possibly can and with the characteristics (photo, name, interests, anxieties, ambitions, etc.).

#2. Empathy Map

A roadmap might be produced using either paper along with a pen or perhaps a simple board with stickers. Your persona is situated in the center of the map. Next, split the territory into four sectors:

What the user has to say. This will include actual user quotes from interviews or research. If the interview isn’t achievable, you might take a look at evaluations of rivals’ apps, forums, and blogs.

What he thinks. Keep an eye on the minds that the user has while getting together with your development. What’s the contemplating? What’s most significant to him at this time?

What he does. Do you know the user’s activities while using the product? For instance, when the page takes a long time for you to load, he clicks the reload bar, scrolls up, or simply departs.

What he feels.

Take note of your anxieties, feelings, and overall emotional state, both happy and bad.

Empathy map can help you to:

  • define user priorities;
  • see the audience’s pains and challenges, and opportunities for solving them;
  • classify knowledge about the audience;
  • come up with what data is missing;
  • set the team on the same wavelength.

#3. Customer Journey Map 

The client journey map displays user activity, discomfort points, and issues they might encounter while using your products. Unlike an empathy map, these directions are affixed to specific actions, supplying clearer information and making judgments about how to proceed next.

The map gives an understanding of user needs with the aid of storytelling and visual stuff the command recognizes problems connected with particular user actions helping to recognize places that should be improved.

Wrap up

The interest in empathetic design keeps growing, and technology allows you to comprehend how people behave, the things they feel, and just how to solve Empathy for web designers‘ issues. In the age of globalization and variety, it’s no longer viable to isolate yourself from the buyers of the product. Most probably and break lower barriers.

All About Optipro Distribution Board

Since Optipro MCB received plenty of love from the customers, Indonesia made the decision to produce another Optipro Distribution Board range. These items have high-finish quality. They’ve safety updated using the perfect cost. Indonesian is definitely an Indian brand that has focused on the marketplace for decades.

Let’s discuss what’s new around the Optipro Distribution board!

Wide Range

The optipro range is produced attentively, and the plethora of this distribution board has SPN, TPN, VTPN, Flexi, seven segments, phase selector, enclosures, and plug & socket types. This range can solve queries and is an ideal solution for the project.

Total Safety

Here’s the level of safety the Optipro Distribution Board has to offer:

True IP43 In Its Segment

Optipro Distribution Board

The quality of protection readily available for the distribution board is IP43, and also the designs will also be IP tested according to IEC 60529. The real IP43 style of the distribution board causes it to be appropriate for all sorts of situations that need IP43 levels of protection.

Cement Protector

You will find distribution boards that are always engrossed in the dust because nobody cares to wash them. However, the Optipro range was created utilizing a cement protector that keeps dust and cement far from the DB if there’s construction nearby. When the construction jobs are completed, it’s possible to take away the cement protector to help keep the DB from any damage, dust, or cement.

Isolated Neutral Bar

When you install the neutral bar around the optipro Distribution board, it will likely be completely isolated in the box. This could result in the DB’s live parts being invisible to human touch, and there won’t be any harm to the Distribution board.

Simple Look

Fresh Design

The Optipro Distribution Board includes a sleek design that appears great on any wall. The look is fresh, nothing like the normal boring DB this will make it the long run for DB’s design.

Door Knob

The probability is none for anybody to locate a Distribution board by having an actual knob. Indonesian has this innovative design doorknob which makes opening the Optipro distribution board easy. It features a sleek design having a smaller-sized projection at first glance, along with a sliding mechanism extending its existence.

New Colour And Finish

Many of us wish to have furniture which goes well with this wall color. Keeping that requirement in your mind, Optipro DB has become obtainable in new colors which will go hand in hand together with your house decoration. It’s available in a matte finish for that chic look that will match your wall texture.

Plain Corners

The Optipro Distribution board has sharp edges to ensure that when you are using the distribution board, your hands will remain steady. This selection prevents the chance of injuries to anybody.

Ease of use

Independent Shield

The very best feature of the DB is it includes a shield that may be removed after being placed on after use. Whenever there’s maintenance, you are able to take away the shield, however, the door and also the frame from the distribution board will stay in position, which makes it quick to gain access to.

Box Separately Packed

Why is it so? Indonesian provides double packaging, so you can get the wiring done first and store the door frame and shield later.

That’s all the features the new Optipro Distribution Board provides.

Beginners guide to increasing online store sales

Increasing online store sales

Increasing online store sales: If you’re considering beginning an online store for the website, or else you established one already, the ultimate aim is you would like it to increase the value of your customers and subsequently increase the sales.

Well, if you’re a beginner, you’re lucky! Increasing online store sales this publication outlines important methods for you to help make your online shop more efficient, improve client satisfaction, increase conversions and increase your sales. Go through towards the finish.

1.      Invest in SEO.

The objective of optimizing search engines of your online store is to reveal your product or service pages on the first ten search results on search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing.

In this way, you will attract more biological traffic to your page, which puts you in a better position to sell your products. According to Backlinko, products that appear to be the number one organic research result are ten times more likely to obtain clicks than number 10.

Increasing online store sales

2.      Leverage influencer marketing campaign

Influence marketing is one of the best ways to speed up your online sales. It allows you to create a brand reputation, reach wider customers, and allows you to work with content creators to make sales for you.

Influencers are like celebrities working as brand ambassadors for your store. Increasing online store sales You pay them via money, free products, or discounts to sell your business to their audience.

3.      Put your products on marketplaces.

It is obvious that the markets are the place where most online buyers go first when they need anything. Online markets such as eBay and Amazon are accessible by millions of people worldwide and can facilitate the visibility of your product.

Some people are strongly hung on shopping via markets, and there is a good chance that they buy your product when they see it on the chain which they trust. However, the only market gap is high fees and other red flags to consider.

4. Run pay-per-clicks.

PPC advertising is the main model of digital advertising for small online businesses and established. It is easy to evolve, support data, and has a good return on investment. Usually, PPC advertisements target digital advertising channels, websites, search engines, and social media platforms.

PPC advertisements work well because they focus on customers ready to buy and can provide higher sales than organic research.

5. Upsell your products.

This is a sales method where you invite your customers to upgrade, buy more items or add additional products to generate more sales. Although the resistance sale often involves selling more profitable products, he also exposes customers to items they may need to do in the basket, so that they can come in the future.

A well-executed sales campaign increases not only your sales but also increase your sales of future orders. Once you have exposed customers to products they have not taken into account, you expose them to more options, which increases orders.

6. Calls to action.

As being a nice vehicle with no strong engine won’t drive you far, a web-based store with no compelling call-to-action won’t drive sales.

The most crucial location to location a highly effective call-to-action on an internet business website is the purchasing stage, where you will find the “add to cart” CTA. Get this button as accessible as you possibly can to intrigue buyers’ interest in the early stages.

Well, as a beginner in electronic commerce, it is important to know the hacks that will stimulate traffic to your store, increase conversions and maximize sales. Above all, be sure to learn along the rope because the advice discussed here is only the basics to help you start, there are more techniques that will make you draw up.


Digital progress has led to an increase in online customers due to their efficiency and convenience. If you are a beginner in electronic commerce, follow the following Increasing online store sales steps to make sure you make your first sale and maximize the following: Invest in SEO, use influence marketing, put your products on market, run a PPC campaign and Use the call-to-action.

Technical SEO: Common Technical Issues in Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO

Technical SEO: While fundamentals of SEO such as the most proficient methods to fabricate connections are driving internet searcher rankings have altered as recently (and content advertising is becoming progressively significant) what many people would consider as increasing numbers of “conventional SEO” continues to be amazingly essential in creating traffic from web crawlers.

As we’ve effectively examined, watchword scientific studies are now significant, and specialized Search engine optimization problems that hold Google along with other web indexes away from understanding and positioning locales? the substance is up to now predominant.

Bigger Technical SEO, more convoluted destinations are really its very own discipline, yet there are several normal mix-ups and provides that many locales face that considerably more sensible to moderate-sized organizations can make money from monitoring:

Technical SEO Issue

Technical SEO

Page Speed

Web search tools are putting a growing accentuation on getting quick stacking locales? the uplifting news is that this isn’t just gainful for web indexes, yet additionally for the clients as well as your webpage’s transformation rates. Google has truly designed a useful instrument here to ensure you get particular tips on things to change in your site to deal with page speed issues.

Mobile Friendly

When your internet site is driving (or might be driving) critical web crawler traffic from versatile ventures, how “dynamic” your website is will affect your rankings on mobile phones, which is a rapidly developing section. In a few specialties, portable traffic as of this moment offsets workspace traffic.

Google has recently reported a calculation update focused on this clearly. You are able to uncover more in relation to how you can see what type of versatile web index traffic will your website alongside some particular proposals for items to refresh within my new post, and once again Google provides an extremely supportive free apparatus to obtain suggestions on how to create your site more dynamic.

Header Response

Header reaction codes really are a significant specialized Technical SEO issue. In a situation you’re not especially specialized, this is often a perplexing subject (and again more intensive assets are recorded beneath) however you have to make sure that functioning pages are coming back the best code to web indexes (200), which pages that aren’t found are furthermore coming back a code to deal with that they’re as of this moment, not present (a 404).

Getting these codes wrong can show Google along with other web crawlers that the Page Not Found? page is honestly a functional page, that makes it look like a slender or copied page, or much more atrocious: you are able to show to Google the whole of the webpage’s substance is actually 404s (so none of the pages are purchased and capable of rank). You may use a staff header checker to determine the status codes that the pages are coming back when web indexes creep them.

Redirection of Pages

Inappropriately transporting out diverts in your site can truly affect list products. At whatever point you can preserve from it, you have to restrain motionless your site’s substance beginning with one URL then to the next as a result: in case your substance is on, which page gets web crawler traffic, you have to do not slowly move the whole from the substance to url/newpage.html, until there’s an incredibly impressive business reason why would offset a possible present moment or perhaps lengthy haul misfortune in web index traffic.

Around the off chance that you have to move content, you’ll need to actually execute super durable (or 301) diverts for content that’s moving forever, as temporary (or 302) diverts (that are most of the time employed by designers) show to Google the move might not be very durable, and they shouldn’t slowly move the whole from the connection value and positioning ability to the brand new URL. (Further, altering your URL construction might make damaged connections, harming your reference traffic transfers and which makes it challenging for visitors to understand more about your website.)

Duplicacy Content Issue

Flimsy and copied submissions are yet another space of accentuation with Google’s new Panda refreshes. By copying the content (putting such like or close indistinguishable substance on various pages), you’re weakening connection value between two pages instead of focusing it on a single page, enabling you to a smaller degree a chance of positioning for cutthroat expressions with locales which are merging their connection value right into a solitary record.

Getting immeasurable copied content makes your website appear as if it’s jumbled with lower-quality (and possibly manipulative) content based on web indexes.

There are numerous things that induce copy or flimsy substance. These Technical SEO problems can be difficult to evaluate, yet you can observe Website owner Tools under Search Appearance > HTML Enhancements to obtain a fast finding.

Copy content issues search engine optimization

What’s more, take a look at Google’s own breakdown on copy content. Many compensated Search engine optimization instruments likewise provide a way of finding copy content, for instance, Moz analysis and Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps can help Google and Bing with understanding your website and uncover the whole of its substance. Just be certain to not incorporate pages that aren’t useful, and understand that presenting a webpage to some web crawler inside a sitemap doesn’t safeguard the page will truly rank well for anything. There are numerous free apparatuses to create XML sitemaps.

Robots.txt, Meta NoIndex and NoFollow

At lengthy last, you are able to show web indexes the way you need them to cope with certain substances in your website (for instance around the off chance that you’d like them to not creep a specific segment of the website) inside a robots.txt document. This record most likely as of this moment is available for your website at

You have to ensure this record isn’t at the moment obstructing anything you’d require an internet searcher to uncover from being put into a list, and also you likewise can make use of the robots document to help keep such things as organizing workers or regions of dainty or copy content which are significant for interior use or clients from being filed via web indexes. You may use the meta noindex and meta nofollow labels for comparison purposes, however each capacity distinctively as opposed to one another.