All About Optipro Distribution Board

Since Optipro MCB received plenty of love from the customers, Indonesia made the decision to produce another Optipro Distribution Board range. These items have high-finish quality. They’ve safety updated using the perfect cost. Indonesian is definitely an Indian brand that has focused on the marketplace for decades.

Let’s discuss what’s new around the Optipro Distribution board!

Wide Range

The optipro range is produced attentively, and the plethora of this distribution board has SPN, TPN, VTPN, Flexi, seven segments, phase selector, enclosures, and plug & socket types. This range can solve queries and is an ideal solution for the project.

Total Safety

Here’s the level of safety the Optipro Distribution Board has to offer:

True IP43 In Its Segment

Optipro Distribution Board

The quality of protection readily available for the distribution board is IP43, and also the designs will also be IP tested according to IEC 60529. The real IP43 style of the distribution board causes it to be appropriate for all sorts of situations that need IP43 levels of protection.

Cement Protector

You will find distribution boards that are always engrossed in the dust because nobody cares to wash them. However, the Optipro range was created utilizing a cement protector that keeps dust and cement far from the DB if there’s construction nearby. When the construction jobs are completed, it’s possible to take away the cement protector to help keep the DB from any damage, dust, or cement.

Isolated Neutral Bar

When you install the neutral bar around the optipro Distribution board, it will likely be completely isolated in the box. This could result in the DB’s live parts being invisible to human touch, and there won’t be any harm to the Distribution board.

Simple Look

Fresh Design

The Optipro Distribution Board includes a sleek design that appears great on any wall. The look is fresh, nothing like the normal boring DB this will make it the long run for DB’s design.

Door Knob

The probability is none for anybody to locate a Distribution board by having an actual knob. Indonesian has this innovative design doorknob which makes opening the Optipro distribution board easy. It features a sleek design having a smaller-sized projection at first glance, along with a sliding mechanism extending its existence.

New Colour And Finish

Many of us wish to have furniture which goes well with this wall color. Keeping that requirement in your mind, Optipro DB has become obtainable in new colors which will go hand in hand together with your house decoration. It’s available in a matte finish for that chic look that will match your wall texture.

Plain Corners

The Optipro Distribution board has sharp edges to ensure that when you are using the distribution board, your hands will remain steady. This selection prevents the chance of injuries to anybody.

Ease of use

Independent Shield

The very best feature of the DB is it includes a shield that may be removed after being placed on after use. Whenever there’s maintenance, you are able to take away the shield, however, the door and also the frame from the distribution board will stay in position, which makes it quick to gain access to.

Box Separately Packed

Why is it so? Indonesian provides double packaging, so you can get the wiring done first and store the door frame and shield later.

That’s all the features the new Optipro Distribution Board provides.

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